EM Technology

Tartan’s Continuous Wave Propagation EM Tool

Tartan’s EM System utilizes the latest in continuous wave propagation EM technology. By utilizing advances in EM technology this system is capable of deeper wells with increased efficiency. The system offers many advantages over other systems including:

  • Variable frequency which can be optimized for deeper wells or faster transmission rates in shallow wells
  • Variable power settings which ensure that batteries are optimized for greater life span and higher power settings for deep wells where EM was not possible with other tools
  • Operator selectable logging sequences that can be modified to meet the client’s needs
  • Ability to add “At Bit” measurements with an additional sub that goes on top of the bit
  • System is capable of Internal and Annular Pressure
  • Real-time Shock and Vibration to help optimize drilling parameters
  • All Downhole data is stored in tool memory and can be downloaded on site and added to logging software
  • All above configurations can be modified while the tool is in the hole which is possible