About Us

Tartan Directional Int. is a Canadian directional drilling company providing experienced personnel and the newest technology for directional drilling. Tartan Directional Int. Management personnel have over 75 years experience in the horizontal, directional and drilling industry.

Tartan Directional Int. has a large contingent of domestic and internationally experienced Directional Drillers and MWD Engineers available to provide expertise to the directional industry. Our MWD equipment is made up of the newest positive pulse technology, and is fully retrievable and reseatable, saving valuable down time and reducing lost in hole risk.


  • All of our equipment is new which ensures that our customers receive the latest technology available. This includes Tartan’s customized software for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and industry leading MWD equipment.
  • At Tartan, all of the well planning is done in house which offers our customers planning flexibility. We offer torque and drag, anti-collision, build rate calculations and complete lithology prognosis.
  • The complete bottom hole assembly is comprised of Tartan equipment including proven Tartan drilling motors. This eliminates any 3rd party service and ownership issues regarding problems that may occur. All equipment responsibility lies with Tartan Directional Int.
  • Our MWD equipment is fully retrievable and re-seatable. This saves valuable down time and reduces lost in-hole risk.
  • Tartan’s experienced professionals have over 75 years of combined management, technical and field knowledge.

·  Tartan strong reliability record has been proven with an industry leading reliability of 2500+ hours. Our proven reliability ensures a high level of customer satisfaction with the added benefit of reducing overall costs.